Write a new script

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Our two-year-old foster child loves his routines… so much so, in fact, that he seems to build a script around certain daily activities… a script that he repeats whenever a familiar situation emerges.

For instance, last night when it came time for bed, he walked around the living room saying goodnight to all the places on the couches where the older kids are often sitting to read or do homework–even though we were all sitting at the dining room table playing one of the best card games ever, Five Crowns.

But it got me thinking, here at the beginning of the new year, maybe it was time to write a new script for some parts of my life.

I’ve already started using one of the reading plans in the Bible app from bible.com to listen to the New Testament on my drive in to work. This particular plan matches almost exactly my drive-time, although I’ve had to sit in my car in the parking lot for a few minutes on arrival once in a while.

And then, just this week in one of our trainings here at Eagle Village, my colleague mentioned the importance of developing a “ritual to leave work at work.” It’s so important in both ministry and human services, and probably in your line of work too.

And, I thought, it was a great opportunity to develop a new script.

So, here I am, writing a quick blog post at the end of my day (rather than at the beginning). It’s an opportunity to put down some thoughts on something I’ve learned or been thinking about today, before I forget, and before I get busy with something else.

It’s January… so forget the resolution, and instead, write a new script. What will yours say?

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